Cloud computing provides a flexible option for infrastructure; balancing cost, scalability, function and security.

Digital Pocket® provides comprehensive hosting solutions, and has partnerships with cloud service providers. Ask us how we leverage our expertise to evaluate your needs and deploy the most effective solution for your firm.

What types of cloud services are available?

Public Clouds

Intended for companies with:
Limited IT resources
Immediate infrastructure needs
Limited concerns of security or regulatory requirements
No need for direct contact with engineers

Public clouds enable firms of all sizes to enjoy a rich set of resources. Until recently, these services were reserved only for firms looking to make significant investment in their infrastructure. 

Cost: By achieving massive economies of scale, public cloud allows small firms to buy resources at massive savings over any other solution.

Reliability: Public clouds are very reliable, relative to the number of firms they provide services for. However, for an individual customer they are inherently less reliable than dedicated offerings. A common challenge for SMBs is to find the proper balance of risk versus cost.

Service: Public clouds service millions of people. Therefore when there is outage, customers are unlikely to get personalized service from their provider. 

Public Cloud with Digital Pocket®Our clients who choose to deploy public cloud offerings benefit from personalized service from our dedicated engineers.  Using our proactive monitoring tools, we are capable of servicing outages before they affect the end user. Through our partnerships we can help evaluate, deploy and maintain your public cloud across your firm. 

Shared Clouds

Intended for companies:
Growing in size, cost conscious
On-boarding dedicated infrastructure
Looking for added security at marginal cost
Searching for greater flexibility and mobility

Shared clouds combine the cost benefits of public clouds, with some of the privacy and security benefits of private clouds. A shared cloud is attractive to both young and mature businesses who are embracing technology to take their business to the next level. 

Cost:  Shared clouds provide an attractive bridge to SMBs who are unsure if they are not yet ready to incur setup costs of dedicated hardware for private clouds. Most companies rely on third parties to maintain their shared cloud infrastructure in order to avoid these costs.  However, additional costs arise when attempting to move from a shared to private cloud.

Reliability:  Shared clouds are inherently more reliable then public clouds, since the scope of their services is generally more focused.  Businesses on a shared cloud can still expect outages, however infrequent. Shared clouds are generally a reliable solution for companies with minimal IT spend, but expect increased cloud usage over time.

Service: Shared clouds provide peace of mind since they normally have a dedicated service provider managing access. Therefore, downtime is minimized and personalized service is readily accessible. However, providers may pass along additional service & maintenance costs in some instances.

Shared Cloud with Digital Pocket®:  We allow our clients to invest in scalable shared cloud infrastructure that is suitable for the scope of their business. Moving from Digital Pocket®’s Shared Cloud to a fully private cloud can take only a few hours, is inexpensive and very simple. Since Digital Pocket® is a fully integrated MSP, we can provide 24/7 support and service, and we never charge additionally for maintenance.

Private or Hybrid Clouds

Intended for companies:
Looking to best of breed solutions
With dedicated infrastructure
Evaluating off-site disaster recovery options
With limited space for servers
Requiring private, secure networks

Private clouds provide the most effective and flexible solution for any organization. They allow for internal resources to be fully utilized, maximizing benefits of incremental capital expenditure. Enhanced capabilities of a managed service (such as virtualization and disaster recovery) makes private clouds a very attractive option for any business.

Cost: Private cloud hosting is reasonably priced considering the additional benefits it provides.  Firms looking to deploy capital efficiently can cover all of their security and accessibility needs using a private cloud.  As your business grows, cloud capacity can affordably scale to adapt to evolving needs.

Reliability: Private clouds require dedicated resources such as hardware and IT staff.  This fundamentally provides an additional layer of reliability, since data and hardware are all under one roof.  However, private clouds are only as reliable as the support which is devoted to its maintenance.  As such, many companies do not have the resources to properly maintain private clouds.

Security: Private clouds ensure that stored information is not commingled with that of other firms. Dedicated hardware keeps sensitive information isolated and encrypted. However, as the threat of cyber attacks become more sophisticated and persistent, it is important that cloud security keeps pace.    

Private Cloud with Digital Pocket®:  
Digital Pocket® provides fully scalable private cloud solutions to clients.  Many clients place their entire infrastructure on the cloud, while others to leverage our service to support their disaster recovery and virtualization solutions.

Digital Pocket® also provides flexible solutions for migration and infrastructure. Clients can opt to own or lease their hardware, making cloud migration simple. With our 24/7 dedicated support team, we give our clients a fully functional and secure cloud at a fixed cost, eliminating security concerns and unnecessary overhead costs.