Traditional IT services from Digital Pocket® provides the most basic (and necessary) technology support.  Our customizable solutions range from live help desk support, to firmwide network monitoring. Cost conscious business owners can now enjoy professional level support for their entire organization.


Help Desk Support

Digital Pocket® understands that when it comes to technology, there will be a wide range of experience levels for end users.  Therefore, we offer on-site & remote desktop support to help get users back on track when they hit a bump in the road.

Whether you are working within an application, downloading new software or printing a document, our technicians will always be there to help.  We empower small businesses by minimizing downtime with negligible impact on your time or budget.

Network Support

It is crucial for businesses to acknowledge the importance of a secure network framework within business continuity planning.  Organizations must have effective & synchronized support over their network, cloud, mobile and data backup sites. 

Our suite of network support services range from design and implementation, to remote monitoring and security. We always offer complimentary on-site consultation for new clients to ensure your technology is never obsolete. 

Successful businesses routinely evaluate and on-board new technology to keep their business relevant. Often however, new technologies require network protocols to be redesigned for compatibility and security. Let Digital Pocket® help you protect your IT investments.

Desktop Support

Digital Pocket® provides responsive and professional help desk solutions to minimize or eliminate any downtime in your employees’ workday.

We are capable of engaging with your organization however you see fit, whether it is acting as your primary help desk or augmenting an existing solution. Find out more here.

Digital Pocket® and our 24/7 desktop support team is there to provide an IT infrastructure that can keep up with the speed of your business.