All businesses are faced with challenges when it comes to security & infrastructure. Implications of breaches can have compounding effects on businesses and their customers, from which recovery can be difficult and expensive.  

Why do businesses need enhanced security protocols?

Companies frequently lack the resources to keep up with evolving security concerns and available solutions to maintain the integrity of their business’ network.  Every email opened or website visited unlocks the door for hackers and malware.

The costs involved for cleaning up a successful cyber-attack heavily outweigh the costs of prevention.  Many businesses who survive an attack end up incurring additional costs in the form of internal investigations, public relations costs, lost revenue, regulatory fines, civil claims and legal fees.

Who is your first line of Cyber Defense?

Between 2011 and 2013, reported number of cyber-attacks rose by 225%.  Smaller businesses are being targeted more often then ever, mainly because they rarely have the proper tools in place to defend against such attacks.

Businesses are often targeted for various types of data, most of which may seem benign to an unwatchful eye.  Hacking is a two-way street.  Both external and semi-internal threats have been proven to be just as debilitating during these attacks.  Hackers can gain access to your data through your vendors, clients or partners.  If they gain access to your system, they can infiltrate other companies just as easily.   Businesses need to be protected from threats originating at all of those sources.


Digital Pocket® Security Services

Our clients benefit from complementary network evaluations, from which we build scalable solutions to maintain the reliability and security of your network.  Our engineers are trained in the industry leading security protocols, and can customize solutions for any business.

Digital Pocket® designs security systems around how you do business.  Historically, malware protection on the desktop was the first and only line of defense.  Digital Pocket® casts a wider net, giving 360 degree support:

  • Desktop Security

  • Network Security

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Cloud Computing & Data Storage

  • Multimedia Collaboration Tools

  • Disaster Recovery Services